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Cost Segregation in Real Estate

Did you know you can do cost segregation on virtually any property? Cost segregation identifies assets and costs within a property in order to accelerate depreciation. In return, generates additional cash flow for...

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How Cost Segregation Works

Whether you’re a CPA, financial advisor, or real estate investor, cost segregation can be tricky if you don’t have the correct resources or help. Hint, hint, that’s what we’re here for!

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How Does Cost Segregation Benefit Me?

If you’re a CPA or financial advisor, I am sure you have an idea of what cost segregation is and it’s monetary benefits, however, the fact that it requires an engineering-based study, might intimidate you.

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Is Cost Segregation Worth It?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario. You recently bought a building that you’re planning on renovating into your dream business - a breakfast diner. You’ve poured thousands on new appliances, lighting fixtures, and of...

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What is Cost Segregation?

There are quite a few misconceptions out there about cost segregation. It is unfortunate. I like to consider cost segregation as a “gem” of a tax strategy. Taxpayers who aren’t taking advantage of cost segregation...

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Types of Cost Segregation Studies

Did you know there are various ways to conduct a cost segregation study? They range from detailed engineering studies to approaches that utilize pure estimating and no documentation. As you can tell, the level of...

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