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Cost Segregation and 100% Bonus Depreciation

Recently I did a webinar with a real estate investor who was mesmerized at the idea of cost segregation and 100% bonus depreciation. 

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Debunking the Top Misconceptions of Cost Segregation

Being in the cost segregation industry, we’ve heard our fair share of misconceptions and misunderstandings. The reality is, cost segregation is a gem of a tax planning strategy that can be highly beneficial if taken...

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Cost Segregation Examples

Did you know cost segregation can be done on various types of building uses? Below are cost segregation examples (a.k.a. a mini case study), from projects we have conducted for real estate investors, CPAs, Financial...

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The Importance of Quality in Cost Segregation Services

Cost cutting options more often than not, sacrifice quality. Think of it this way, a Cadillac costs more, because of its superior quality. A Ford Pinto costs less, because of its lack of quality. You get what you pay...

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An Inside Look at Cost Segregation Study Approaches

Cost Segregation can be tricky. And what’s even trickier is the fact that there no single formula that is used to conduct a study. As a result, cost segregation studies can take various shapes, forms and sizes. To...

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Comparing Cost Segregation Study Software Options

You may already know how imperative it is to ensure you execute a quality cost segregation study for say a $2 million property. But it is important to keep in mind that quality does not need to suffer, the lesser the...

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