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Best Traits in Cost Segregation Companies

Cost segregation is an advanced tax strategy that can yield great financial results. Now the term "advanced" may intimidate some, however, if you choose a reputable cost segregation company, there's no need to worry...

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Cost Segregation and 100% Bonus Depreciation

Recently I did a webinar with a real estate investor who was mesmerized at the idea of 100% bonus depreciation and cost segregation.

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Debunking the Top Misconceptions of Cost Segregation

Being in the cost segregation industry, we’ve heard our fair share of misconceptions and misunderstandings. The reality is, cost segregation is a gem of a tax planning strategy that can be highly beneficial if taken...

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Cost Segregation Examples

Cost segregation can be done on various types of building uses, even those that you wouldn’t have thought of. Take cold storage facilities. Random, but it’s true. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a cold storage,...

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The Importance of Quality in Cost Segregation Services

Cost cutting options more often than not, sacrifice quality. Think of it this way, a Cadillac costs more, because of its superior quality. A Ford Pinto costs less, because of its lack of quality. You get what you pay...

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An Inside Look at Cost Segregation Study Approaches

Cost Segregation can be tricky. And what’s even trickier is the fact that there no single formula that is used to conduct a study. As a result, cost segregation studies can take various shapes, forms and sizes.

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