New Cost Segregation Software Available Immediately

Accounting firms looking to grow their practice and offer valuable tax deferral strategies can do so with Titan Echo Cost Segregation Solution. These tax deferral strategies historically have been beyond the reach of the vast majority of taxpayers, but Titan Echo enables CPAs to bring the benefits of cost segregation to all their clients. 

Titan Echo’s Cost Segregation Solution enables CPAs to confidently bring substantial tax deferrals to their clients because it:

• Leverages technology efficiencies eliminating the need for a costly Cost Segregation consultant.

• Is a complete cost segregation solution which allows CPAs to bring tax deferral strategies typically available to only the very big clients.

• Is economical on properties as low $200,000 helping CPAs bring cost segregation to the masses.

The result is happy clients with more cash in their pockets and growing revenues for the CPA.

Brian Lefever, VP of Operations of Titan Engineering, when asked about Titan Echo Cost Segregation Solution said: Our Cost Segregation solution allows a CPA to easily leverage Cost Segregation for all clients in order to lower their tax bill, freeing up cash that allows them to invest in other opportunities.

With Titan Echo’s new Cost Segregation solution, any CPA firm can now do Cost Segregation without a consultant or the overhead of in-house engineers.

The Titan Echo Platform combines web-based technology with engineers, construction analysts and legal experts, that empowers CPAs to offer the benefits of Cost Segregation to their clients.

With Titan Echo’s new solution, Cost Segregation is feasible for buildings starting as low as $200,000. This empowers CPAs to deliver tax savings for all their clients. Cost Segregation Consultants are traditionally cost prohibited from doing projects under $1,000,000. That leaves thousands of properties, some in nearly every CPA practice, with substantial tax deferral benefits left unused by taxpayers, until now. Now, with Titan Echo Cost Segregation Solution, CPA’s can bring these benefits to the taxpayer.

Titan Echo Cost Segregation Software

Mike B., CPA and user of Titan Echo’s Cost Segregation solution said this about the new software:

“Before we started using Echo, we would only recommend a cost segregation study to a client that had a building that cost more than $1,500,000., The problem was the benefit did not justify the cost of the study. With Echo, we now recommend a cost seg study to almost any client that has a commercial building.

Our first study using Echo was on a building that was purchased in 2012 for $350,000. The additional depreciation deduction in 2014 was $31,000 and we were able to do a late partial asset disposition for an additional deduction of $23,000 We now have detail on all of the components of the building to comply with the Tangible Property Regulations. Echo is a cost effective and streamlined approach to doing a Cost Segregation study and saving our client’s tax dollars.”

Titan Echo simplifies and expedites the Cost Segregation process for CPAs with confidence. Those interested in learning more about the company and its solution can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

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