Exceptionally Successful? Let's see.

 You're in the Top 10% of your industry, for your age group - the millennials.  You will be running (and advancing) the public accounting industry and the way CPAs serve clients.  Some sooner than others, but you're all on a great path.

But do you have what it takes to be Exceptionally Successful?  Here's some thoughts from Jeff that I though you might be interested in (I know you love to challenge and measure yourself):

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription. But there are certain qualities that incredibly successful people share...especially those who make a significant impact on the lives of other people in the process.

See how many apply to you:

1. You find happiness in the success of others.

2. You relentlessly seek new experiences.

3. You don't think work/life balance, you just think life.

4. You're incredibly empathetic.

5. You have something to prove--to yourself.

6. You ignore the 40-hour workweek hype.

7. You see money as a responsibility, not a reward.

8. You don't think you're remarkable.

9. You know that success is fleeting, but dignity and respect last forever.

The most important thing successful people provide their employees, customers, vendors--everyone they meet--is dignity.  And so should you...because when you do, everything else follows.

Sounds a lot like the millennial accountants I know.  