Even the big guys are figuring out the value of SaaS.

We're often asked, "Can we buy Echo [or Armor] and run it locally on our servers?"

For 32 years, we had navigated technology platform shifts — from DOS, to Windows, to the web. Through each, we had seized the opportunity to reimagine our offerings and extend our market leadership. We knew at some point the move to a recurring revenue model would be the right one for our customers and the company.

The problem is, as with all areas of law, the rules continue to evolve.  If we sold our software as packaged, off-the-shelf solutions, they could be easily out-dated, with any changes to the legislation, regulations, statues, case law and/or audit procedures.  So naturally, "software as a service" (SaaS) is the logical and most efficient way to support our CPA partners.

It's nice to see that even big guys like Intuit are also figuring this out.  In the end, it's about providing better service to customers, while strengthening the on-going relationship.