Can you be paperless, even if your firm isn't?

Let's face it.  The idea of being paperless is intuitive as a millennial.  Can you imagine being a CPA in the 80's (or earlier)?  No internet, no PDA, no texting.  NO FREEDOM. Unfortunately, a lot of you are in firms that haven't yet grasped the technology to be truly paperless.  And, since you're probably not (yet) running the firm, you're trapped in the office under piles of paper.  No video conferencing from the golf course for you!

What can you do about it?

Here are a few things I found on the web that might help you move your firm forward:

While going paperless can significantly improve office operations, it's important to choose the right solution since there are a number of document management software options available. These three tips can help you select the solution that's right for your accounting office.

  1. Find a solution that makes scanning simple. Going paperless gives accounting offices a way to consolidate all their paper and electronic files in one central location for more efficient, effective operations. But until recently, the scanning process posed a major challenge: Office managers were reluctant to commit to scanning in old paper files and storing electronic files on a new system because of the time and labor costs involved.
  1. Choose a system that features intuitive, customizable file organization. In addition to concerns about scanning, some accounting office managers have also been reluctant to go paperless because they worry about how their files will be organized. And it's true that some paperless software systems have complex user interfaces, which can be difficult to learn and navigate, especially in smaller offices that don’t have fulltime technical support resources.
  1. Make sure your new system enables easy document editing. In an accounting office, it's important to be able to edit documents to accommodate last-minute changes. Look for a paperless solution that transforms forms, electronic and print documents into easily editable formats.


Want a case study?

All accountants love case studies, right?).  Check this one out:


Your thoughts?

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