Best Traits in Cost Segregation Companies

Cost segregation is an advanced tax strategy that can yield great financial results. Now the term "advanced" may intimidate some, however, if you choose a reputable cost segregation company, there's no need to worry - you're in good hands! We suggest following the below Best Traits in Cost Segregation Companies so that you have a better understanding of what to look for when searching for a reputable cost segregation company. 

It is important to do your due diligence before choosing a cost segregation company. There's a fair share of misconceptions out there on cost segregation. We suggest reading our blog post Debunking the Top Cost Segregation Misconceptions, so that you're better equipped with the knowledge. Take our word for it, we've heard a lot of misinformation out there on cost segregation that often deters tax payers from partaking in a cost segregation study.


Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post, Best Traits in Cost Segregation Companies! We thought we would lighten up the tone a little from our usual serious and informative blog posts, and bring a little fun into the mix. Fun with taxes? You betcha! 

We know that it can be difficult to choose the right cost segregation company, as there is a ton of information out there. However, it is important to note that choosing a reputable cost segregation company is important, but choosing a company who you can work well with is the cherry on top. After all, no one likes working with difficult people.

Ladies and gentlemen, the "best" traits to look for when choosing a cost segregation company!

*note that this blog post is all fun and games. While cost segregation should be taken seriously, sometimes you gotta lighten up the mood.

The Best Traits in Cost Segregation Companies

1. The cost segregation company's employees are made up mostly of nerdy engineers. Glasses for everyone!

Geek with a laptop pointing an idea - isolated over a white background

 2. The employees read the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide to their kids every night as their bedtime story. What can we say, future cost segregation engineers in the making!

Little girl reading bedtime story with her young mother

3. Construction hats are a staple in the office. After all, cost segregation relies heavily on construction knowledge. No bad hair days here!

Smiling young handsome construction worker in uniform

4. You can find the employees rocking a "I love IRS audits" sticker on their car, desk or office door. If there's anyone in this world who loves sitting in on IRS audits, those are your people.

Green Office Folder with Inscription Audit on Office Desktop with Office Supplies and Modern Laptop. Audit Business Concept on Blurred Background. Audit - Toned Image. 3D

5. They embrace technology. The employees are always looking for ways to utilize technology to make their client happier - hint, hint, have you heard of our mobile app?

Woman texting on a smart phone looking happy

There you have it! Aside from choosing a cost segregation company that knows their stuff, make sure the company you choose has a little "fun" in their soul. It makes cost segregation that much less intimidating!

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