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Why Real Estate Investors Need to Pay Attention to Cost Segregation

Ah yes, the wonderful life of a real estate investor. In between the passive income generated and tenants calling you at midnight complaining about broken heaters, there is one savvy tax savings strategy that is...

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Think Cost Segregation Is Too Expensive? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

As someone in the cost segregation industry, I have heard my fair share of misconceptions about it. It’s a complicated tax strategy—I get it! What’s unfortunate is that sometimes those misconceptions can deter folks...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Need Cost Segregation

If you're a real estate investor who hasn't taken advantage of cost segregation, you may be leaving money on the table. Do you like wasting money? Think of it this way, the money that you can keep in your pocket from...

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Review and Examination of a Cost Segregation Study

Did you know that the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide was created to aid auditors the review and examination of a cost segregation study? The best part is, is that it readily available for you to view on...

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Cost Segregation Depreciation (Before & After)

Cost segregation can be tricky - we know! To quickly sum it up, Cost Segregation is all about accelerating depreciation at a much faster rate than the usual straight-line depreciation of 27.5 years (residential) or...

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CPAs - Here's Why You Need to Know About Cost Segregation

CPAs - do you have real estate investor (REI) clients? If so, here's why you need to know about cost segregation. Not only could they benefit from saving money on their taxes, but they will thank you for providing...

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